We turn ideas into visual solutions, adjusting them to your image or creating a completely new, modern visual identity, illustrating your type of business exactly, ready to meet the market requirements.


We introduce the latest standards of web design by following the global trends of the digital world. Functionality and optimal user experience all packed into a purposeful design are the starting points and rules which we consider essential.


Every story could be told in different ways and could be viewed from different perspectives. Opposites do attract each other and can make a delightful whole. We find our inspiration in mixing it all up: urban and elegant, traditional and unconventional.


Inspiration is all around us. We are completely open and willing to show you our innovative ideas, to offer a different perspective and to be part of your creative team.


We turn ideas into solutions which follow the latest global trends, with a personal touch in design which gives your business a unique visual identity and an image which genuinely presents it!


By doing various parts of a marketing campaign simultaneously and managing short deadlines we are more than ready to face different challenges. We dare to face these challenges only with the help of our partners who give us constant support.


Being interested in various creative fields, developing content as a non-alternative concept and continuous skill improvement have made it possible to offer and ideal balance of price and quality.

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A single detail can out tell an entire picture, while, in other cases, you need an entire picture to understand a single detail. We want to make sure that every captured moment is relevant to your business.


The world’s a busy place! Trying to divert people’s attention to a group of sounds can be a rather demanding challenge, or is it in fact, simple? Nevertheless, it is a challenge which we gladly face, focusing on the current efficiency and quality of the sound.


Creative writing is integrated into our work and is, therefore, part of every idea. Its spontaneous exclusion, as an independent type of creative service that we offer, was a logical step. Bearing this is mind, the thin line between creating content and marketing has become almost invisible and barely symbolic.


We are now definitely a part of the 21st century digital world, aren’t we? The Internet is connecting us more than ever before, social networks are a perfect place for getting information and close interaction, and we think the world has never had a better opportunity to become a more beautiful place to live in! 🙂

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About Us

About-us-FinalFirst of all, we are a design studio.

Imaginative individuals with a decade long experience have put their heads together and have established a center of ideas and creativity known as “Studio24”, the marketing agency. There is a thin line between creativity and typical marketing, and that line often becomes so invisible that we haven’t noticed the moment our work and ideas became part of our clients’ visual identity.
Still, we noticed that we enjoy doing it!

We have also noticed that we never truly want to grow up because it’s the inner child that makes creating new content, following the latest technology and setting new trends so exciting!
Maybe it sounds ironic, but, if this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be trusted with serious projects and a whole lot of public branding.

And it is precisely that invisible line that gives us the strength to be competitive on the market, to face the challenges and to make our clients happy and satisfied.

Our Clients

Studio 24

Ivana Zajca 16, 24000 Subotica, Srbija
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